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Ruined by ....predictability?

Beguiled - Joanna Chambers

Sadly, and oddly (if you look at how this is everyones favorite)I didn't enjoy this one as much as the first. I've been stewing on the points of why it didn't work for me for quite a while and I'm not coming up with much, but this is what keeps bothering me. 

I didn't feel as captured by the atmosphere of the era like I did with the first book. I felt that the setting, even with the pomp and grandeur of the Kings visit felt, superficial ...irrelevant(?)and didn't really feed the plot.

What exactly was the focus point of the plot? 

Elizabeth's situation was dire but the solution too predictable to wow me. Any angst that surrounded David's association with his reporter friend fell flat and amounted to nought. The romance was fine and yes I enjoyed the growth, the feeling of inexplicable need but was let down by the predictable ending. I've never been a fan of the you-almost-died-now-I-know-I-really-love-you scenario to cement a relationship. I've also realised that David and Murdo just haven't been that memorable for me, it's been a few weeks since I read this and I've struggled to recall an emphatic moment between them ...

What I did like was how this author has weaved historical events into the story and how she highlights the plight of woman, even wealthy ones in that century. Very admirable. 
Will I continue with the series? 
Yes, I think I will ...

I do enjoy the writing and am looking forward to seeing how life for David and Murdo plays out on the Estate. Murdo is still set on taking a wife at some point and that promises to provide oodles of tummy churning angst.