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Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Gamble Everything (Gamble Everything, #1-7) - Cari Waites

 This is where I draw the line!

Fisting, sounding, enema's, humiliation and yes even partner sharing I can deal with easily. No problem, bring it on!

What I don't like and never have, is 'Daddy' Kink. It engages my gag reflex faster than attempting to swallow down a slimy oyster. But this books takes the Daddy kink to a whole new level; bordering on pedophilic fantasy in my mind. 

“You are so fucking tight, baby boy.” ......“God, Daddy!” “My baby boy.” Archer shudders as he comes inside me.No! Just fucking NO!

Get fisted, fine! But not while clutching a teddy bear for Gods sake! 

Daniel is of a consenting age but it makes no difference when the young man is dressed in robot pajamas and boy boxers. He sleeps and gets fucked in a bedroom designed for an eight year old with stars and rocket ships on the ceiling!!! JESUS!!!

Call it a weird sick game, call it a psychological adjustment/correct of a missing childhood, call it whatever the hell you want. To me, this is none of those things. It's an excuse to play out some sick paedophilic fantasy and then use it to manipulate a boy into doing your dirty work. I hate this book! It made no sense to me. It's sick porn and not for me. You'll say I didn't *get* it and you are RIGHT! I did NOT! 

Why did I finish it? Because I wanted to see Daniel get revenge, I wanted to see him pull a gun on Archer and his cronies and shoot them up their 'boy pussy's'!! GAH...

Somebody pass me the brain bleach. I wish I could unread this one.