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Well, well, well …wasn’t this just full of surprises.

Seven  - Adrienne Wilder

The synopsis is only but a lured attraction to what lies beyond this fantastical rabbit hole.  Set in a contemporary world with number named characters or Others. These men are psychics, empaths and telepaths, designed in the realm of science fiction and boasting the powers of the paranormal. Some are skilled and some are defects, but all are the defenceless pawns of Dr Stone, a sadistic megalomaniac.


Seven is an Other and he is on the run, hiding with the help of Nine to protect a secret from Stone. His forced madness is the only way to stay one step ahead of Thirteen: an aluminium hat, foil tipped ears, backward steps and disorganised chaos is what keeps Seven safe.  He’s nuts, adorable, vulnerable, lonely, and oh so broken – so duh, obviously I loved him instantly.

Then Seven meets Chase and all his crazy OCD and erratic defences dissolve in the face of an inexplicable attraction to his new neighbour. Chase is maddeningly (against his better judgement) drawn to Seven despite his weird habits, and so, he too is pulled into Seven’s dangerous world.


This book is story driven with lots of fast highs, and slow lows. The author guides and then misguides, feeding little clues, leaving traps, giving hope and snatching it away. It’s littered with humour, heartbreak and suspense.  All my emotions were fully involved with powerful, skilfully crafted characters like Nine, Thirteen and Twenty three who held me engrossed, curious, and even stole my affection. And then there’s the relationship between Three and Four, phew … it’s intense, powerful, and (for me) totally eclipses the intended romance between Chase and Seven. I’d read this book just for them alone.


This author gives us a lot to indulge in here with many points of focus: Chase’s guilty past, Stones unrelenting sadistic quest to control the world, (ha!) the relationships and abused psyche of the Others, Nine and his influence over everything, love, sex, secrets, fates, lies and truths! It’s all very cleverly plotted, very entertaining and most certainly recommendable.


Unfortunately I found the plot principles very similar to Christine Feehan’s (m/f) Ghostwalker series, which I really enjoyed, but it was so close that I am unable to call this unique. I am disappointed that Seven became a bit of a nothing character in comparison to the Others. All the way through I recognised the baited hooks hinting at a series to follow, but as I reached the end, I wasn’t so sure about that anymore. There are a couple of threads left hanging which I wonder will evolve into something more. And I think I would like more :)


There was a lot that I liked, and characters that I loved, I had a few niggles along the way but I’ve forgotten what they were now, so minor stuff.  I more than really liked this one, I kind of loved it.


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