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Uhm ...Who is Zebbie and why isn't he/she published?

With Intent - Zebbie

Dammit. This writer is so darn good.

With intent is about Adam. Adam is our psychic narrator and, he see’s dead people.

Nah …just kidding. 
He see’s people with the intent to kill, he sees what they want to do, or what they have done; he also sees acts of violence that have already occurred. As a result he’s quite the odd ball who is hanging onto his sanity by a ball hair. He is awkward, vulnerable, a self-confessed coward. Plus he's a gay man who always falls for the straight guy and God hates him. He also has severe OCD and counts to cope with it all. 

When his moral compass once again points him in the direction of another soon to be victim his life gets entangled with the mysterious hot guy from work and things really get interesting.

Adam had me laughing out loud, he had me freaked, and he had me almost in tears for him, God how I felt for him. He is so tragic and yet so strong. I think I fell in love. There is so much here despite what the author feels are plot holes I see them as room to manoeuvre. The pace is fast and Adam holds my attention completely.

This is very entertaining even though I felt the author might have lost his/her way just a little in the middle, it soon picks up again. With fantastic secondary characters, a dog that really does take after his owner, some hilarious and tragic dialog, Gods constant barrage of peanuts on Adams head, this really has the potential to become a great series! 

Bravo Zebbie! Just keep it coming please. I need MORE!

PS: If you love Jordan Castillo Price's Psycops you will like this.