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Bone Rider . J fally - Loved it!

Bone Rider - J. Fally


Soldiers, Cowboys, Aliens and Hit men all come together to… wait. What? Go Back. Oh yes I said Aliens, sorry where you confused? I suppose you would be because I never read about aliens or sci-fi things. I mean, I have done a couple of times but you know …it’s not really my thing and yet the alien was my favourite character!

Bone Rider is so much fun and so very, VERY good. It all starts when System Six (a sentient symbiotic artificial weapons and armour system) decides he can’t live with his (real) alien host and decides to jump ship. His actions lead to a crash landing on Earth which sets off an explosive chain of events involving a Cowboy, the Russian mob, a soldier, a scientist, a bunch of survivalist and an alien named after John McLane (yup, the alien has a crush on Bruce Willis from Die Hard).

System six needs a new host and Riley (cowboy on the run from his hit man boyfriend, Misha) just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whop! Smack! Choke and gag! Riley is invaded by McLane. Ha! I bet you just flashed to a hundred different movie scenes, none of which are correct btw. McLane is not going to burst through his chest or lay eggs – he’s a smart armour and weapons system. He’s very useful to a guy running from the mob. Plus he’s adorable in a non-tentacles kind of way.

“I can and will protect you in return for riding your bones for a bit. I’ve already taken the liberty of hardening your skeletal structure. Did you know your left knee was all kinds of fucked up?”

See? Useful!

General Nick Young with the help of his SF team is getting closer to the alien that got away and in the interest of US security he will not, cannot fail to retrieve the critter.

Misha (dangerous but sexy as hell – you will love him) is a hit man born and raised and he is desperate to win back the love of his life. Riley is the only man who has ever meant anything to him. He LOVES him, misses him desperately and needs him back. He too, will not, cannot fail.

Riley and McLane are still working out their cohabitation rules when Boom-Boom-Boom all three forces collide in El Paso, Texas. Sharpshooters, helicopters, missile launchers and the wrath of Armani clad hit men. Holy Hell! This gets so freaking good, my blood was pumping and I could feel my adrenaline spiking. J. Fally knows how to write an action scene like nobody’s business. More than once she writes her darlings into a tight corner that seems impossible to crawl out of.

Okay, that’s the idea of it.
The bonus part is the humour, the additional hitmen and the sex (very different but nonetheless very hot sex) the pace is fast and PERFECT and I guarantee you will be more than entertained from start to finish. The writing is snug, nicely compact, very informative and yet without any unnecessary superlatives. Doesn’t mean there aren’t any quotables, there are some sparkling quotes here.

“Gentled like a skittish horse, roped in like a bimbo, lured out with the patience of a sniper, and it made Riley’s gorge rise how desperate he must’ve been for affection …”

Lots of points of views (about 10, 11, 12?) make me want to smack and shove each character out of way in favour of the last one, and yet I loved them all. J. Fally’s writing style reminds me of Martina Cole in it’s set up but that’s where the comparison ends. The characterisation is so excellent that I never wanted anyone getting hurt or losing at the end.

I could tell you that at times it feels like you are trapped in a B movie; I could tell you that it’s a little over the top and I wouldn’t be lying. But what I will say is: I don’t care, I don’t care that this is the closest I’ve ever come to tentacle sex and loved it. I don’t care that I had to suspend my disbelief a few times. Hell I’m allowed to – it’s sci-fi (ish).

This book is original, thoroughly entertaining, has characters I freaking LOVE and I want more of. Dammit, do I want more! Please! I admired the hell out the writing and even though I want an epilogue to the epilogue I love it enough to make it a hands down favourite; it gets a full 5 stars!

Bloody excellent!!

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