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Blast my expectations.

Soulless - T. Baggins

*Quite possibly a few mild spoilers ahead*

There are parts of this book that I loved: The original styling of Nicholas as the MC. A chemist and a cripple with no chance of ever getting it up again! Bloody brilliant character and I believed in his pain, guilt and grief - he was excellent! The writing, world building and atmosphere? Big tick! 

Then there is a lot that I admired: The moral of the story, the whole meant-to-be soulmates thing wins over the romantic in me every single time. Sigh ...
I also really admired the really bad guy here - what a villain! God damn that vamp was brutal and so totally wicked that he really gave me the freakin willies - God! I wish he could have been the love interest! LOL

Then there are the parts that I wish had gone my way - a darker way. Ha! yes! Darker please *cue evil laughter* I expected this to be darker whereby "The Creature Of Darkness" would be really really despicable and actually carry out those brutal threats when he first meets Nicholas, because I am a sucker for watching the bad guy grovel and earn my love. Ban was just too ...nice for a vampire raised and moulded by someone like Serafino - oh I know , I know he was innately good and nothing's going to change that because good conquers evil and all that, but still ...that's not how I wanted it to go :)

Now that ending? Nuh-uh-oh-hell-no! That was unfreaking believable!!! I was NOT happy at all (view spoiler) I HATE overly sappy endings like that make me remember the book for all the wrong reasons and not what I actually enjoyed. Sorry, I'm knocking a big fat star off for that alone. Urgh ...shudder.

Now this is a minority review because my reaction and my expectations are not normal ones. If you don't believe me have a look at this awesome joint review by the girls at Boys in our books 

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