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I'm just another Goodreads refugee and this is my back up plan. Please be patient with me while I find my legs on here. 

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FREE FICTION - I'm becoming obsessed!

I guess you all know that it's Free Fiction week this week on our Blog Boys in our Books. I find myself feeling quite passionate about it really. The very best books (at least my top 5) have been at one time or still are Free Fiction. 


I love that there is no publisher influence, I love that what I get is almost always original, I love that there are no rules and conforming to marketing standards. I love the undiluted passion the writer has that always seems to bleed through the pages.

There is just something more ...intimate about reading something that hasn't been styled to suit the masses. And yet I am the masses, but the masses evolve do we not? 


Is it because I am unconsciously forgiving because it's free? Or is it just that good? Whatever it is, I want to explore more of it. I'm excited about discovering these gems that are so much more deserving of my time, more so than most published works. 


I rely on my fellow readers who have already been where I am in my reading journey to send me recommendations all the time. So I welcome any and all recs gladly - please gimme, gimme :)


One of you lovely readers (you know who you are) recommended I read Nora Sakavic and I did. The labels attached are so far removed from my norm that I balked at the thought but read it anyway. Well...WOW, just ...WOW. 

Nora sakavic and her series The Foxhole Court was my contribution to Free Fiction Week. 



I was blown away by her original styling and absolutely adored her dialog. This is great work! And deserves so much recognition: I want to shout it out so LOUD, I want the Coen brothers to make the movies! I want someone in a suit to sit up and say "Holy Shit, this Misfit fiction is awesome, lets sell it!" 


Now it's not for everyone and it's not perfect (what is?) and I get that. But check it out anyways, I wouldn't want anyone to miss out.