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Cherished - Sara York Honestly?

I just didn't like it. It's a mess! I felt the whole thing was horribly contrived. I had zero connection with the characters, they where contradictory and fickle in their convictions and the relationship development was shallow. I felt manipulated into feelings that I just could not muster. The whole thing was overshadowed by a over the top sexual predator who hides behind his Dom status. It's disturbing and ridiculous and you won't get any kind of satisfaction from retribution - the author deems it fit to leave that thread hanging.

The truth of it is that I am sick to death of heroes in BDSM romance who have suffered horrific pasts. It seems like there is an unspoken competition to contrive the worst possible background for the hero just to force the readers shock, horror and empathy. I just don't like it! It's not necessary - not everyone in the BDSM lifestyle has had a terrible childhood.

But that's just one of my irritations which is fair to say that it is presents my annoyance across the board, not just this book. This book just highlights the pointlessness of it. There are too many things WRONG with this. I can't be bothered to elaborate.