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Lexington High School - Ais,  Santino Hassell
ICoS drabble's! Woop Woop!

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So because we are getting these as scenes and I'm not sure how many there will be; I'm posting my most favorite and memorable squeeeee worthy moments here:

*****More than likely to be spoilers ahead*****

Lexington High School - Scene 1. The Meeting

Boyd's been called into a meeting with school councellor Carhart *giggles* and his parents Viv and Cedrick (wha?... Credricks alive? how cool is that!)to discuss the negative influence Boyds new boyfriend, Hsin *squee* is having on him.

Fave quotes: Blond, pale and all in black, Boyd was definitely going for some kind of emo, vampire... thing. That in itself was not so weird. The silence and tendency to stare blankly at walls, though, was a little odd. <--- Yep, that's our boy! and how I've missed him ...*dreamy sigh*<br/>
"They're bringing each other down. It's not just one of their faults. It's a standard issue Us Against The World type of situation. Boyd cuts class to follow Hsin around, Hsin punches everyone who picks on Boyd, Boyd mopes in corners and gets teased... annnd Hsin tries to set the bullies on fire. Do we see the pattern?" OMG - Bwahahaha YES! Yes I do :)

"None of you understand us," Boyd muttered sullenly.
Zachary stood up and walked around the pair to open the door. "Trust me, Boyd. It could be a lot worse"
<--- DUDE! You have NO idea! Ha!<br/>
Lexington High School - Scene 2. The List

Scene 3
Oh God! It's Afterimage all over again, but this time I get to giggle all the way through. This is so good.

Scene 4. The Vega Conference.

My favorite so far! It features you know who and I'm a grinning fool whenever he gets some page time. Dammit, but I love him and I MISS him. *shakes head, wipes a tear*

"Oh." Emilio scoffed. "That kid must have an asshole like a fucking vice the way you boys be fiending for it. Why not share the little ho and be done with it? DP that twink-ass." OMG!! photo rofl_zps8d737eb8.gif I love E! He is the BEST!

"But how the fuck do you get a 40 in English? You speak like three languages, you fucking walking embarrassment."

"Because Ms. Connors is a creep. Both Ms. Connors...es are creeps."
Oh sweet Jupiter *head palms* not those bitches again Pah-lease and Grrrr.

All Zachary could do was watch with a rising sense of panicked helplessness as Emilio stood up and locked the door. <-- Eeeek and Noooooo don't end it there!! We just getting to the good part *foot stomp*<br/>
Lexington HS, Scene 5. PE.

Okay, shit. Now I think this one might be the best. Owen smacks Jeffrey (LMAO) Ryan is perving over Hsin and being just so damn adorable. Ferguson is hilarious as coach ...it's all just perfect ICoS highschool oh *sigh* ... this makes me so happy. Thank you :D