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GhosTV - Jordan Castillo Price

I’m sure I've said this before but, JCP makes me want to clutch this book and do a spiny twirl making a stupid eeeeeeek sound.


I got so excited. So Happpeeeee …and so pissed when real life got in my way!
I loved everything about this one, it was so much fun! Ghostly goop and all.

Jacob Mc Buffstuff is such a friggin dream boat isn’t he? I love that Mr Muscle showed a vulnerable side, it just makes him SO much more appealing.

Victor freaking Bane!!! How can a character be so perfectly IMPERFECT ?!
I more than adore him; I kind of want to BE him but that would make it weird because I also think he’s hot! It must be the new haircut (lol), cos all of a sudden I’m finding him quite smelt-worthy. I want to lick the scowl off his face and bury my nose in his hair and get my short legs all tangled up with his long skinny ones. I swear if JCP ever stops writing about him, I’m going to be devastated!


And Crash! There’s never enough Crash (now that I know he’s not a threat to JaVic .. not really, right?) I’m seriously thinking of taking my Reiki Mastership to the next level and learning to how cross over into the fictional realm, then me and Crash can do some nasty tantric in the astral because phew, that man is yummy. I really hope I get more Crash in Spook Squad *fingers crossed*


I don’t think there was a character that I didn’t like here. Even Dreyfuss (FPMP dude-Vic’s nemesis) proved to intrigue and entertain me – what an interesting chap he’s turned out to be!

The plot was brilliant! JCP is just so SMART!! I loved this one; it’s one of my faves in the series.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/606664855