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Those in Peril - Wilbur Smith So I decided to take a step into the past and pick up the latest Wilbur Smith.
As a teenager I loved the action and adventure stories of Wilbur Smith. The Egyptian novels have stayed with me always.
I have not read a Wilbur Smith novel in years! This one was recommended by my husband who thought I might like it.
So I read the reviews which were very mixed but most where horrified by the graphic sex scenes and many complained that it was more like a romance novel.
So Yes! Great Wilbur does Smutt. LOL. I thought what the hell lets get reacquainted with Wilbur.
As usual the pace is fast, lots of characters.
The plot is intriguing with Muslim terrorists capturing the daughter of a one of the worlds most wealthiest woman. The ransom, the betrayal, the rescue and then OMG the most horrifying act a woman could live through.
Some of the sex scenes shocked the hell out of me, and I read BDSM for goodness sake. Then other sex scenes went the other way and where so tame, I wasnt sure I was reading the same book.

Muslim extremism is very much in your face and at it's worst when the characters are forced to watch the barbaric Sharia Law played out in a village. It was so graphically written and disturbing I felt ill, physically sick to my stomache. And to know that these things really do happen, it destroys me.
Wilbur Smith writes well, very well, but in this book too much upset me. There was no warnings as to the barbaric, distressing content.
As for the romance, yes there was lots of it. But Wilbur old chap...nobody really says "Oh Darling" anymore. The dialog between the Hero and Heroine is just too cheesy at times.

Overall, I was still enthralled with the story despite the above comments. Wilbur Smith is a fabulous author of action and adventure...romance?...not so much.