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Thief - Ava March There is just something special about being transported back to a an era that is always so diverse and colorful. 1820's London is a gem of contrasting worlds. The author does a great job in showing the vast differences in the social divide of that time. From the pristine and pretentious of London's Mayfair and the Ton, to the swills and poverty of St Giles.

Benjamin is the brother of a Marquee, privileged but not pretentious. So when Lord Benjamin decides to head for one of the Hells for those of 'an unnatural persuasion' he is determined to decide his sexuality once and for all and accept his fate come what may.

Cavin is from the a thief, pick pocket and hustler who does what he has to, to survive. His story reminded me of Oliver Twist, but with a more x rated theme, of course. Cavin answers to the Machiavellian Hale and has done since he was nine.

So when these two come together for the first time, the attraction is static. The lust is unbridled and intensely voracious. They share an erotic night of passion that seals their fate! Benjamin has no doubts as to what his preferences are after finally experiencing his forbidden fantasy, and absolutely no doubt as to who he wants either.
Cavin has never felt such an intense, all consuming need that he feels for Benjamin. It tugs at his very core and has him questioning his own morals.

This was a wonderful book. Probably a bit too short for my liking, but then if a books too short you know it's a good one. Right?
It is sexually explicit but done well. The characters are engaging, well constructed and very likable.
Thank you to the publisher who sent this to me via netgalley.