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Crash - Nicole  Williams 3.5 Stars!!

Oh the broken Hero that needs fixing. It's always going to appeal to the in built nature of the female psyche. And here you have it, all packaged in a large perfectly gorgeous 17 year old boy man. Jude has had it so bad for so long, you have to feel deeply sorry for this broken soul.
Older than his years and full of rage against the world, he keeps his heart guarded against any and all who might threaten it again. But of course he hasn't a hope in hell's chance when he meets Lucy, who's entire mission and focus is to fix the broken and make right the wrongs.
Lucy is beautiful and talented and not without her own personal traumatic past.
And so they come together, Judes violent and disturbing life crashes into Lucy's with a rather harrowing and shocking scene.
It's another compelling read that wont let you go in a hurry. I'm glad I read it.