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In Flight (Up In The Air, #1) - R.K. Lilley ****Contains mild spoilers and a lot of bitching* ***

I understand that there is a thriving market for the story about dominant hot young billionaires and their obsession with a beautiful insecure/traumatised young women.
I also know that we are going to get some similarities here. That's fair enough. I can accept that. I even don't care too much as long as it's done right.
But...COME ON! This is such a rip off! I read it wondering if the author hasn't a law suit pending.

Surely when deciding to climb on board the Fifty Shades gravy train you would have the imagination to take this in another direction and not be so darn disturbingly blatant in your efforts at reproducing what is ultimately another Fifty Shades.


Allow me to make my point please.

Some things I state here might be purely coincidental. I found it hard to believe though especially when there is so much in your face, almost blatant plagiarism of the plot and characterization.
I read this book with my mouth hanging open. Does the author think we wouldn't notice? Jesus!
I read Fifty Shades more than a year ago, so this is what I can remember, just off the top of my head!

Let me list a few similarities:

Billionaire in his twenties.

photo tumblr_m7luc0PHS61qaib74o1_500_zpsa6caf1a1.gif

Kinky dominant control freak.

photo 560680_182783505201839_2046309791_n_zps506eece6.jpg

The most beautiful man she's ever seen.

photo wanttositonhim_zps51c63f7d.gif

She turns into a simpering clumbsy idiot on their first couple of encounters.


He has a proposition for her.the same kind! and
he can play her body like an instrument.


They have sex on a plane.

photo 4186.gif

There is a playroom in his penthouse, she bites her lip and has a special best friend too! Aaaaand


She thinks he is way out of her league


He's mercurial (yep, that exact word)and he also happens to have suffered an abusive horrible childhood.

She makes a drunken mess of herself, complete with him taking her home to 'care ' for her and then sleeping together in the same bed!


There's also the proverbial blindfold along with music to shag to!

I really could go on here, but I'll save it!

Okay, so all this shocking unoriginality aside.

The MC....what's his name?
Oh yes. Mr Beautiful, I can't even remember his proper name. He's the 'most beautiful,' 'most stunning,' 'most attractive,' and 'most devastatingly handsome' man in the world.
Sadly he is also the most arrogant, conceited, hedonistic, domineering, overly possessive, mercurial (yes I'll use that word too) controlling arsehole in the whole world.
He is moody and sulky and way too intense, and not in a good way. I did not find him appealing or sexy at all.

It's a shame really because I'm the first one to swoon and kiss the feet of a sexy arrogant Dom. Not even when Mr beautiful shows off his sexy body, complete with the muscled V trail to heaven did I feel an ounce of admiration.

In my opinion the author pushed the lesser characteristics of a Dom a bit too far with this guy. Quite frankly, he was very disconcerting and my every instinct was screaming for the heroine to RUN!

His dialogue leaves a lot to be desired too.
When a man says to a virgin, who has stayed shied away from men her whole life

“I'm going to tie you to the bed and take your hymen.”

It is not cool, or sexy or erotic. It's bloody vulgar and I would have smacked him upside the head. No matter how drunk I was.

And what about this one? Can you just for one second imagine having phone sex and the guy says this

“Now lift up your skirt and stroke the petals of your sex lightly.”

Oh my freaking God!
Who says that? ...the petals of your sex? Is he serious...the petals of your sex?!

I know a lot of people loved this and I'm not about to totally slate the entire book. I wanted to like it, I always want to love the things I read. It is rated two stars after all and if you move your mouse over the stars, two stars means it was okay.
So let me tell you about what saved this from being burnt.

Bianca! and Stephan. Best friends since childhood. Totally believable in the affection and caring they have for each other. Theirs is a special kind of friendship that really is something that we all covet for ourselves. Inseparable, loyal, selfless and totally devoted to each other. Together they are a winner!

Bianca is a likable enough heroine, especially because she has a spine! God I could have kissed her so many times for standing up to the arrogant SOB. I think E.L James could take a few pointers on that one.
Stephan gets a very big star and so does Bianca and I'm being generous because Bianca did evoke a few eye rolls from me.
I cannot award any more. The writing is filled with all the cheesy over used and uninspiring descriptive's that make me cringe. The sex was about erotic and sensual as a wet sock.

The finale was totally predictable especially seeing as the author is following the trend. Why would I expect anything else? I didn't even list the ending in my similarities, I should have done.

I really wish I hadn't wasted my time. But hey, if you want another Fifty Shades...go for it! Or you could just do a re-read.

Okay so you can all throw stones now. I'm done saying what I needed to say. I'll go hide in the corner.