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Deliverance: Hooch and Matt's Story - Marquesate, TA  Brown Having read the Special Forces series where Hooch and Matt are pretty important side characters it is only natural that I find myself ecstatic to be reading their story.

I love Hooch and Matt, always have and always will. I knew this was never going to be an easy story. Hooch is an extreme masochist and Matt, he's a vanilla boy. How they figure out the implications that this has on their relationship is never going to be easy. In fact when Hooch's darkness raises it's head. The reality of his masochism is depicted with very vivid, shocking and scary crazy scenes of intense BDSM.

The story spans a few years where both Matt and Hooch find out the true meaning of what they are to each other. Everything, they own each other, they are everything, heart, body and soul. I loved this.

Overall I was so very disappointed in the delivery of this novel. I was looking forward to the fabulous writing and voice that held me transfixed in Special Forces- that is what these guys deserved.
Not the rushed nasty editing that this has. My copy from Amazon was riddled in typo's and still had editorial question marks all over it. I'm positive there was some sentences missing too. What a shame.