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First Against the Wall - Manna Francis This is not the first time I’ve said 'this is the best of the series'; but THIS one really and truly IS the best of the series. Manna Francis I bow to you, First against the Wall is astounding!

Having gone to the effort of picking my jaw up off the floor; I still feel like I’m coming down from one of the most epic acid trips ever experienced (I’m a child of nineties- sue me).
Reeling over the revelations, characterisations and sheer genius of the game play here. I have chewed my nails to the quick and held onto the kindle so tightly my fingers ached. And through it all, I have realised (so much), agonised (over everything), valued (Toreth and Carnac!) , seethed (Toreth and Carnac!), anguished (Toreth, Warrick and yes Carnac too!), raged (Toreth, Carnac, and Sara!) , gasped (constantly) and whooped it up, to finally being left weak, freaked and heartbroken with some underlying anxiety and trepidation of what’s to come – Bugger me, but this was great stuff!

Toreth vs Carnac, Carnac vs Toreth, Carnac vs I&I, Resisters vs The Administration, Toreth vs Toreth, Warrick vs Carnac. I could go on but I’d spoil too much.
The plot is forever taking unexpected turns as each player makes their play. My morals are turned inside out and sent into a conflicting battle about the good guys are and who are not.

Then I recalled this --> There are no bad guys. There are no good guys. There are only better guys, and worse guys. – Manna Francis. Mind Fuck

Carnac : Our socioanalyist and spook is ba aack and he is in top form. I dread his appearance and crave it, I love and loathe him but through it all Carnac has got to be the most fascinating, frightening, and intellectual character ever written. He kind of turns me on *cringe* I can’t help it. He is an enigma and I defy anyone who cannot appreciate the brilliance that is Carnac. I might hate him, but I can appreciate him…like Susan says, nobody but Carnac can put Toreth in his place, and what a place it is. That confrontation where he plays his last hand (for now) was brutal in delivery and struck home with such a blow, I fear it will hang over Toreth (and Warrick) forever. Checkmate Toreth! Carnac wins.

Toreth: I’ve finally accepted (with Kate’s help) Toreth’s almost-zero impulse control where sex is concerned. I see now how he uses it as a tool to achieve his own goals; it really does mean nothing to him. I understand it better, but I still do not like this need he has to loose himself so completely with strangers – it’s irrational and destructive; but I guess that’s the point huh?

Sara: What is wrong with you? *pokes you repeatedly with a fork* you stupid spineless twit! Where the hell is the strong-take-no-shit-super chick with the strength to carry out her convictions? When will you learn to shut. your. mouth?!What’s with the pathetic weeping damsel-in-distress act? Is that the only way you get to excuse climbing into Toreth’s pants at the first opportunity – YOU BITCH SLUT! Thank god it didn’t go that way, (thank you Toreth!) I would have climbed inside this book and scratched your eyes out.
Every nice thing I said about Sara in the earlier books? I lied, I take it all back, the whore! Get your own man bitch! Oh no, wait! You don’t deserve one do you, you pretentious cow. Look at the decent man you could have, he is perfect, and what do you do? Urgh….I wipe my hands of you.

Warrick: I missed him. There wasn’t much Warrick here, but what there is of him, really counts. Warrick is such an admirable man, so in control and so perfectly aware, he is perfect.

Okay, I’ve waffled on for too long and have nothing else to add…for now.

Sorry, just a few things.

1) I hope we haven’t seen the last of Carnac.
2) I have a really bad feeling about the Kate situation
3) I hope Sara wakes the hell up, or she must die

Fingers crossed as I go forth :)