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Wanderlust - Skye Warren DNF.

I find the heroine's erratic and inconsistent inner monologue (in relation to her situation) unbelievable.

Escaping Exchanging one prison for another after only 12 hours of freedom would be something I believe she would fight against; not physically, but mentally. This kind of acceptance would take more than one night to see *them* as becoming "inseparable" and him "being made for her"

A night of fearful brutal sex, being drugged and kidnapped and this is how she reacts.
"Yes, keep me and play with me. Do the things I never would have the courage to do on my own"
This is how a woman who has been closeted for twenty years, and sexually molested would react to her situation? It doesn't gel with me.

Perhaps over days or weeks with him, I would have believed it, not one night.