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Knight (Unfinished Hero, #1) - Kristen Ashley Honestly, I admit..I am not as good as my girls as expressing my feelings into words so I very very rarely do reviews.

My "Team Action" girls have said it all so much better than I could have anyway and you all know that this is going to be an epic journey.

As a huge fan of KA and erotic romance in general, I have always thought that she would be incredible at pushing the limits of her already steamy romance novels.
Her Alpha men are just made for the erotic, they are strong, dominant, possessive, and down right bloody gorgeous, so I always wanted her to push it that bit further, to explore those dark boundaries with a love story that knows no bounds.
Too often I read an erotic novel and it's all about the kinky sex, which is hot but leaves me feeling a bit like a trashy smutty woman with a dirty mind, and do I really want to be that person??
Um yeah!, but still, I want to feel loved cherished, special and accepted for my naughty ways.
What Kristen has achieved with Knight is very rare, she totally gives that to me, the mix of hot sex that comes with love,acceptance,understanding and true feeling totally does it for me. She has given me/us THE perfect erotic romance!

This book is not Erotica but it definitely is Erotic, it is also beautiful, heartwarming and very passionate. And only Kristen can pull all this off with a bad anti-hero.
So I will be waiting for the rest of this series, not very patiently I'm afraid. You will be too when you all hear about her next one in the series...OH. MY. GOD!!!