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Thoughtless - S.C. Stephens I will offer one piece of advise for those planning on reading this, before I spoiler tag this review: If you don't like cheating in your romance...
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Put the book down and follow Captain Jack

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Major Spoilers ahead, you have been warned.

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I often get asked why I didn't like this book, which I read more than a year ago. So this is for anyone who wanted to know. I really don't have the words to express my, er ... distaste for everything and everyone in the story - except Denny. Denny was alright, weren't you baby...

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Yeah bitch, he's someone elses now!!!

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Poor Denny - not the brightest fella to leave his girlfriend with an obscenely gorgeous man-whore, who has no morals. I mean COME ON!

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Kiera and Denny.

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Oh. My. Freaking . Gaaaawwwd!!!!

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Kiera. Is. The. Worst. Heroine. Ever. Written.

She might portray her little miss innocent act and defend it fiercely but she is a selfish heartless

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I have no patience for deceitful heroines who harp on with useless justifications, because you know what?

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And Kellan Kyle...
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Mister oh so freaking perfect is actually a spineless twit, who needed a lesson in morals!
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He just made me gag with his scores of revenge fucks and poor me I'm so lonely speech!

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I hated this story, I hated the cheating and I hated the ending!Yes I hated it! I wanted Kiera to end up alone after tripping over and falling into a vat of acid! I do not care what happens to these two, and wished I could have got my money back! Over all this book was just
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This review represents my personal opinion and has no reflection on the author's talent or lack of. It was the story and protagonists I have HUGE issues with. This is a minority opinion review and should be taken as such. If you are planning on attacking me because I don't like your favorite book ...
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