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The Holy Road (Rifter #5) - Ginn Hale I'm so mad I already used up my 'Shit.Shock and horror.' line in the last book - this one is WAY more apt. Oh sweet Parfir my heart can't stand it.

The Holy Road is my favorite one so far. It's so much darker and more brutal that the other books, death and destruction, torture and mayhem rein down all around John and Ravishan in graphic detail.

The revelations!!! My Parfir! I feel like the biggest dumb-arse right now. Of course that's who he is! Duhhhh, I could hit my head against the wall for being so thick. I mean Ravishan is Kyle right? I already guessed that John is the Rifter - I'm not that bad, jeez.

The angst is off the charts here. Nothing goes the way you expect, there's no way I'm even going to begin to speculate as to what's coming next. I LOVED this book. LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!