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Texas Pride - Kindle Alexander 2.5 Stars
This could have been so much better.
Great premise where closeted Hollywood actor meets closeted hunky rancher. Both guys are gorgeous (obviously) fall in love DESPERATELY and attempt to keep the closet firmly bolted from the inside. The writing is engaging but spoiled by shoddy editing.

The characters are well developed and I felt something for Kit; but neither MC's are solid enough in their convictions.
The author defines each MC as Top and bottom from the start; but then decides to switch it with no apparent reasoning. I don't usually care who's the Top and who's not, but you can't set a character up to BE one and then not carry it through without any type of justification. No matter how erotic and desperate the sex is; it just feels unbalance and out of character. The romance reads like a hetero romance story and the author can't seem to make up her mind who the heroine is.

The plot seems to roll with dips and peeks. Each situation quickly resolved with minimal angst ... until the ending - a predictable conclusion I thought.

I can honestly say that I did enjoy much of this story. The Texan setting was a treat and the relationship dynamic between sexy as hell A-list actor and uber-hot cowboy certainly appeals. The threat of discovery for Kit(cowboy)is a very REAL fear, especially living in Texas. The author deals with this aspect admirably ... until the end.

Overall it was okay, but could have been much, much better.