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Acrobat - Mary Calmes When I saw the artistic cover for this Novel I was intrigued. Parallel Dreams by Steve Walker, it is quite beautiful in it's portrayal of tenderness and love. Then I read the blurb in the front of the book that the painting was the Author's inspiration for the book. Well, enough said. I just had to read it, I was all twitchy anticipation sitting down with this one.
I anticipated elegant prose from the voice of Dr Nathan Qells who is a professor of English Literature; he really must possess a wealth of wondrous words, right? I also anticipated the wander and intrigue of delving into a relationship with a member of the mob!

Dr Nathan Qells is a nice guy, everyone's friend, self sacrificing and in his own words "totally indispensable" to those around him *eye roll* He is instantly likable to everyone he meets, even the mobsters love him, well almost all of them. He is just a perfectly nice guy who will jump in front of a punch for you and rescue a stranger from a mugging in a dark alleyway. Always eager to perform acrobatics to please those around him.
He doesn't play games in his relationships and he's all about the truth. The perfect father and best friend to his 27 year old son. The perfect teacher who has all his students lusting after him. Cultured, witty and just so a little bit humble, but just a teeny bit so as not to seem vain.

As the story begins we are introduced to Nathan's ex wife Mel, who I really liked. They are still best of friends and have a loving, caring relationship.
She was gorgeous, witty and endearing in her encouragements of Nathan's relationships. She was my favorite character in this novel.

There are far too many totally arbitrary, unnecessary characters in this book, which makes it difficult to follow. Unless their purpose was to once again reaffirm Dr Qells perfectness* to the reader.
Dr Nathan Qells is narrating this novel and I fear my expectations of awe inducing prose are dashed when the only descriptive words I read are nice, gorgeous and pretty. The man holds a doctorate in English literature for goodness sake and he constantly reminds us of his knowledge of the greats like Chaucer, Milton and Shakespeare and this is the best descriptive term he comes up with? Hmphh.

The relationship development between Dreo and Nathan is pretty much non existent and contradictory. When after 4 years of barely saying a sentence to each other, the sparks fly and the attraction quickly develops into something that Nathan hasn't been able to commit to with any other man. It all seemed a tad unrealistic.
The sex is hot though, even though when reading m/m sex the last thing you want to hear is a big strong man whimper. Grunt, groan, moan even a bit of growling goes down a treat, but whimpering? Hell no! No man
should ever whimper. Whimpering is not cool!

So as you can tell, my inflated expectations fell very flat. I wanted to hold onto my excitement and optimism right to the end and I tried I really did.