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The Raven King - Nora Sakavic LOOK!!! ^^^ 5 STARS! ^^^

Is this book still classified as YA? Because if it is, I’m revoking my self-imposed YA ban! This is FANTASTIC!

5 STARS for a YA book?!

I know !!! … I still can’t get over it.

I said the Foxhole Court was something special but this, this is even MORE special.

You will not believe the surprises that await you here! If you haven't read [b:The Foxhole Court|17259690|The Foxhole Court|Nora Sakavic|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1358594228s/17259690.jpg|23855134] start there because this is book 2.

They were a team with no concept of teamwork and they determined their hierarchy through force

The tragedy of the last book removes an obstacle which just might allow the team to work together on the Court, but Andrew’s issues still stand in the way of any further team bonding off the Court.

The Ravens and Riko (who must die by fire) pose an incomprehensible threat to Neil now that he has brought attention to himself, and oh, my, word(!) the angst and anticipation in watching it all play out almost had me peeing my pants! Sorry, but it’s true!

Sakavic reveals even more of the darkness and determination of these characters by revealing the history of the Upperclassmen. And then she really darkens and dirties things by showing instead of telling. Are we sure this is YA? Or was it my imagination that supplied the details? It gets rough for a minute and then it gets even rougher, and then the lights go out. Dammit!

The focus is very much on Neil (obviously) and his acceptance of the fact that he might actually have a place in the world, here and now, with his team - who actually care about what happens to him. They begin to piece him together, seeing through his lies and disguise. And then of course there’s Andrew. Oh Andrew! How this scary crazy man-boy has twisted me up inside is something else. I just can’t even think … I want to … oh sigh …I can’t…I feel… I DON’T KNOW! What I do know is that the relationship with Neil and Andrew is becoming something … other.

Neil said. "I'm not afraid of you." "That's why you're so interesting," Andrew said. "How aggravating."

Nora Sakavic you have my undivided attention.