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Keeping Promise Rock - Amy Lane 3.5 stars for the blog Of Sid love

Well … that just about squeezed the life out of me. I’m drained and exhausted after that marathon.

Keeping Promise Rock has been read and reviewed by everyone I know; it’s like the m/m rite of passage now. If you read m/m romance, then you have to read Amy Lane, and if you read Amy Lane, then you have to read Keeping Promise Rock. It’s quite simple.

This is a coming of age romance that spans a decade or more. Levee Oaks, redneck capital of the world is home to Crick and Deacon. Deacon is Parish’s son and lives on The Pulpit (a horse ranch) Crick is a half-mex kid with a no good mother and a drunkard step-Bob – life’s not great for Crick until he wanders onto The Pulpit and lays eyes on Deacon - thinking him the most beautiful boy he ever did see, and they was gonna be friends forever. And they were. They were friends and then they were brothers, and then … they were more.

Crick and Deacon have a long way to go before they overcome their stubborn self-sacrificing ways, their anger (Deacon) and immaturity(Crick). They have even further to go to believe in themselves and recognise their self-worth. It’s a road worth travelling if you can stand it.

There are some battles to wage and I honestly can’t tell you how many times I threw my hands up in the air, in defeat. “God! No more, please! This is too much!”
And really, it is too much. I think Amy Lane took the catastrophic events too far and I really was waiting for that plague of locusts to descend.
There is only so much emotional drama I can take before it becomes emotional manipulation, and Ms Lane crossed that line about halfway through in my opinion.
Like I said, this is a must read. It’s very well told: its hard going, but its hope, and its love and it’s exhausting. I still liked it.