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Hunter of Demons - Jordan L. Hawk

Only 109 pages and I'm a fan of Jordan L. Hawk!

Great writing, awesome character set up and a vampire possession unlike anything I’ve ever read before. Hawk’s setting is a futuristic (I think) world like ours, inhabited with Non-Human Entities and ‘Mals’ – humans with paranormal gifts who are persecuted by radical religious groups like the “The fist”. And then there’s SPECTR, the organisation who regulates and polices them all.

Our two, no sorry – make that three MC’s all possess qualities, quirks and mysteries to keep me more than invested even with the limited detail I am provided with …

Caleb: Desperate to bring peace to the last member of his family Caleb walks into a nightmare. This adorably geeky young man is terrified, feeling lost, possessed (literally) and hiding his gift. He evokes my protective nature and empathy with his bravery and determination.

John Starkweather : sexy SPECTR agent Mr tall dark and handsome has the hot’s for his new charge, the drakul possessed long haired twink. John comes with a suggestion of a tragic past, a gorgeous smile and kind patience and so …he arouses the fire of my loins. Obviously :)

Gray: an ancient vampire/drakul (demon hunter) spirit accidentally possesses Caleb, the first living body he has ever inhabited and he evokes my mirth. His internal dialog with Caleb is just brilliant! He is so literal, and wry and honest and full of innocent wonder that even with the lack of page time he becomes my favourite! He’s a total scene stealer and I love what he brings to this symbiotic (albeit forced) relationship with Caleb.

The chemistry might be sizzling between John and Caleb but Gray’s etheric power seems to have a rather stimulating effect on John too, and his presence is not without benefits to Caleb either. I can’t wait to see how this dynamic triad evolves.

From what I can tell the existence of NHE’s and Mals is all fairly new to this world and everybody has a lot to learn about their existence. With some rather interesting side characters like Kaniyar, John’s (Vivianesque type) scary ball-breaker boss and the rest of his team it all looks very promising.

So far this has elements of PsyCops and Bone Rider(YAY!) And if you enjoyed either of those then this is one for your list. This is very much a set up for the series but with so much potential I can’t wait to see how the characters develop and what plethora of entities and angst will be thrown in their way. With such great writing and plenty to speculate over I’m fairly confident that this has the potential to be a favourite.

3.5 Stars


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