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Oh this is ridiculous! No, not the book, my indecision over it.

Bad Idea - Damon Suede

Yep, totally torn and not even straight down the middle. This review is bound to be confusing because I am confused.
There are pieces of this book that I LOVED (with all my heart), hated (just a bit), admired and scoffed at - and some of those feels fall into more than one area which thus, leaves ME "discombobulated!" 

The first problem I encountered is that my ignorance of the comic book superhero world is a handicap. References to Trick (never watched it) Jean Grey (relative of Christian?), Patrick Warburton (the baker?) and sayings like: “things were getting a little NC-17” fly way over the top of my head. 

Now considering my Comic book ignorance I found the fandom fascinating and (when I understood the reference) I really loved the clever braiding of superhero metaphors with the characterisation. It's very smart and I appreciated that, admired it even. 

Then I really struggled with the choppy dialog which felt as if the MC’s are speaking in code or only voicing a single word of a sentence they hashed up in their minds and forgot to speak. I hated this. It’s like being constantly thrown out of story and having to pick yourself up again. I can only think it must be intentional, because it’s not constant and there are passages in this book that I LOVED - they lit me up inside – so this messy formatting perplexes me.

This book is also packed with some strange (to me) similes like: “He almost shone with contentment, the face of a farmer at an Impressionist picnic.” – eh? I’m not seeing this image, and “She winked and the triple lashes made it look like spiders fucking.” - eh? I can’t say I see this either. Is this artistic flair that I’m bumbling over like a clumsy oversized toddler? Probably.
I did of course LOVE some of the clever play on words like "disasturbate” and “A-dork-able.” Oh, and sayings like “the little gaggle of faggles” Ha! That really is a-dork-able! And this one has to be my laugh-out-loud favourite: “Sodomy powers, activate.”

You know what else I LOVE about this book? Silas Goolsby. Didn’t think I would, thought he’d be the typical one night stand player afraid to commit and blah, blah, blah … But no, Sigh-las surprised me, and I reckon I fell in love with him quite early on and didn’t realise it till I had tears in my eyes at about 75%. It’s for reals – I love Sigh-las …AND his hairy He-man posing pouch.

Now Trip Spector is another story; me and Trip don’t see eye to eye. It’s a matter of subjective opinion here and to put it bluntly. He’s not good enough for my Silas. 

And he said this: “what I really love is breaking a big guy open with my joint.” Oh - cringe - Trip!

I can’t recall who summed him up so perfectly (Maybe Kurt, this sounds like Kurt) but here you go: “Raised by aliens. No social skills. Weird job. Coping mechanisms out the wazoo. Bony pale thing with a huge doodad and too many insecurities.”

Uh-huh he's All that! PLUS Trip’s habitual secrecy, his closeted anxiety over being well, closeted is ridiculous because everyone knows he’s gay. And the fact that he just fucks everything up and doesn’t have the balls to put it right ...grrr. Trapped by fear, of what? Flying? This is the real world mother fu dude WAKE UP! 
Urgh no, Trip and I are like Catwoman and …err, *hand waving* whatever villain doesn’t like Catwoman.

So it is amazing that with my dislike of Trip that I STILL got to appreciate the intensity of the relationship and the sex! Oh boy, the sex! HOT! LOVED IT! I’m smiling HUGE when I think of dexterous fingers and a particular porch scene. *blush* Uh – hem…moving on.

I discovered a couple of very quotable sayings that made me stop and really think, in fact there are a lot of quotables here:

"Worrying is praying for something you don’t want.”

“We are a race of powerless control freaks. That’s how mythology happens.”

You see? I'm like a yo-yo with my feels I hope you can understand why I am torn but overall - I really liked it... I think. 
It’s fresh, unique and it has a voice that is both sensually and comically (pun intended) seductive. I’m recommending it because what the hell does a South African ex-pat know about Comic fandom anyways. 

Oh and bravo on creating a new platform to promote Scratch and Horn Gate Mr Suede. Very clever ;)

For an insider view and the inspiration behind this book check out this interview with Damon Suede. 
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