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Whoa!! I knew that title meant business, but DAMN!

Trucker Fucker - Barry Lowe

Girls listen to me carefully, yes just the girls please. You have a choice: you can run away screaming (I wouldn’t blame you – I swear!) OR … you can hold onto your vaginas, man up and take it – cos this here is MAN PORN!

Proper M.A.N – man porn!!

Tummy rolling perverted filth! But it’s good *slaps self * No! No it’s not good dammit – it’s disgraceful and I am appalled and outraged and I’m repulsed and sickened and… ah fuck it! The truth is…. I’m not any of that, not really. Okay, maybe just a bit but I’m not exactly a pearl clutching Pollyanna. 
The thing is, we all have our kinks and who am I to judge a nymphomaniac who likes cock so much. I actually feel sorry for him.

“I just love cock. I love asses. I love balls. I love cum. I love men. Can’t get enough. If it’s not hurting anyone, I can’t see the problem.” – Atom.

Atom is a young man who has obviously been abused by his father and is looking for acceptance by giving himself to (rough) strangers: he loves it, thrives on it, the more the merrier, he begs for it! Poor bugger.

Now girls, I got to warn you about Jez: he’s straight, he’s bitter, a total misogynist, and the typical trucker guaranteed to offend, completely outrageous in his arrogance, I wanted to hate him but I ended up laughing instead. He’s way too authentic in his egotistical charms to take too seriously. Plus I’m not easily offended by blokes who speak arsehole-ese, and it’s just too much fun watching Jez agonise over his alien feelings of lust and jealousy for Atom.

If you look past the multiple orgies and copious amounts of man slime, gaping holes and grimy smut talk there is a skinny thread of a story line for me to hide behind – phew because I kind of want to know where the non-relationship is going.

Fellas, you (non-sensitive) guys are going to luurv this one! There’s no fluffy romance or emo psychobabble. Girls, just remember that this is porn made by a man, for other gay MEN! There is no credibility to any of it, it’s purely smut to be enjoyed by: truckers (duh!) and bad ass hairy bikers and filthy highway cops, and dudes who suck anonymous cock through poke holes in toilet doors, and for those blokes who Google search ‘cum dump my area’ and raincoat flashers and cream pie lovers and maybe, ….just maybe (and I can’t believe I’m going to say this) …. It’s for people like me.

*Cringe*Blush*Hides*Dies reaching for BOB and book two*

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