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Break Her - B.G. Harlen * Review contains some bad language!*

This book is a dark, dark psychological mind fuck! With vivid scenes of rape, humiliation and abuse

I was hooked! I finished it in one night, hanging on tight, rapt in suspense and disbelief.

I think there must be something wrong with me though; because none of the rape and abuse actually bothered me...much. Sure it's pretty tough to stomache, but I read dark, I like dark and it could have been worse. Much worse.
The anger and rage I had toward that man drowned out any other emotion. I was incensed at what he did, his attitude, his flippant conversations, his smug self confidence. I abhorred him!

It upset me more that she had to play his games, and how she had to play it. It was far worse than the physical abuse she endured.
I just cannot get over the fury that built within me...
I have never felt a need for vengeance like I felt read this book! I wanted to decimate him, destroy and break him!

I have a question now, and one I have always wondered about; if a man forces his cock down your throat against your will, why the fuck don't you just bite it off? Gross, yes, but the alternative has to be worse. The dude is going to take a while to recover from having his dick ripped off; so surely that leaves you plenty of time to get away, or poke him in the eye or something! Jesus!

This was a very intelligently structured story. Well crafted and very well executed. There is a lot of psychological mind games which got a bit too much for me. I wanted to see a different kind of game played, one that sated my need for bloodthirsty vengeance. There where a few unresolved issues as far as I was concerned and for a long time, a great deal of the last half of the book, just felt like waiting...waiting for something to happen. All while my rage kept building.

Still gripping and intense but the constant waiting began to fray my nerves and piss me off.
The finale left me totally unsatisfied with a whole lot of burning rage that was only going to be calmed by a heavy workout with a punching bag. There was not enough vindication for me here.