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Cait and the Devil - Annabel Joseph So my fist historical BDSM novel. Always loved a bit of the fantastical, and now with a bit of kink too! YAY!

Cait is naive and innocent. Forced into marriage by her father the King. Lord Duncan or Devil is forced to take another wife after loosing his first wife during child birth.
Cait is totally innocent and naive to the ways of the world and the bedroom. But not for long right?

I adored Cait, she is totally endearing in all her innocence. I want to wrap her up and keep her safe. All she wants is love and acceptance and will do ANYTHING to feel wanted and cherished by her handsome husband. She is a natural submissive which Devil recognizes and as he molds her to fit his unique desires.

Enter the older Earl Douglas!Duncan's father. A villain, no not a villain at all, that is far too tame a word for what HE is! He is monstrous, depraved, evil incarnate! and he sets his mind to Cait.
I have to warn you that at this point the story turns very dark. Not what I was expecting at all. It left me reeling, feeling ill and angry.
I had to stop a while and brace to continue.
And I am so glad I did. Annabel draws you back into the light again and she left me feeling all warm and fuzzy.
I had to rate 4 stars for all the emotional angst and turmoil I was put through. The sexual play was rather tame for Annabel but it's befitting for these characters. I wouldn't have had it any other way. I had a few issues with the extent of Cait's naivety and Duncan's need to deceive her in order to escape his own fears.
Overall I loved it, I read it one sitting. So thank you Annabel for yet another astounding read.