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Heller's Punishment (Heller, #4) - J.D. Nixon I have loved this series, every single one of these books before this one!
But I have had enough! Enough of Heller and his moods and his ideas on monogamy, and I just realised that I actually just don't even like him very much!
Enough of Tilly being an emotional doormat. Enough of the drama...drama drama drama! JUST ENOUGH!
I did not like where the author has taken this series. This book was just depressing when it should have once again, been something special.

It starts off promising but just turns so dark. Even when the good stuff happens, it's with a big black cloud hanging over it, which totally detracts from the moment. Why we had to have that little spoiler at the end of Heller's Girlfriend, I will never know. It has ruined any hope or excitement I have for the Tilly and Heller relationship. And it casts a shadow on any of her future relationships.

My emotions are unable to tolerate another minute. Just no more please.

I have decided that I will ignore the last paragraph of this book and end the series right there.
But then again, I still feel invested in the secondary characters and I want to know how things pan out for them. I need to know.

What Daniel endures has brought me to my knees, it is just too much! The author builds hope and then carves out a small sliver a light for us to focus on, then throws a ton of shit bricks on top. To me that sends the message "Oh no readers! I'm not done torturing you. You can take another three or four more books before I might deem to give you your heart back" Well I don't bloody think so!!!
I'm just pissed right now, I know that. So at this point, knowing how self destructive Heller and Tilly are. I just don't want to know a thing about them anymore. Hands up, I just don't want to hear it. I give up on you two ever finding eternal happiness together.
If I read the next in this series, it wont be because of them. Hopefully JD Nixon will deem to show a bit of mercy next time, but considering the last paragraph I don't think so.

I am so terribly disappointed. 2.25 Stars!