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American Love Songs - Ashlyn Kane I must have overlooked this book about fifty times when sifting through my TBR pile. Mentally discarding it with a flippant wave of the hand thinking: pfft … silly rock star book - why did I even buy this? I know it’s not my thing, not anymore. So don’t ask me why I decided to read it. I just did.

Now here’s the part where I say: I could have smacked myself repeatedly with a rubber hose for not reading it up ages ago. Gah … when will I learn to stop being so darn picky.

American Love Songs is just so lovable and easy: there’s no angst, no major dramas, no overworked plot. It’s just adorable, wholesome, feel-good comfort reading.

Jake’s narration is a fun absorbing account of his life on the road, the bands success, their rise to fame, his significant intriguing relationship with Parker, his flings, his failure to see what’s right in front of him, and most importantly and finally - eventually - his love for Parker.

I adored Jake; he’s such a natural down-to-earth character, so uncomplicated, so painfully oblivious and so perfectly imperfect. Ms Kane balanced him quite nicely I think.

Jake and Parker are not portrayed as stereotypical rock stars and I liked that a lot. The author leaves that role for the other two band members to fill; bringing their own charm and flair to the story, even some the girls where okay. But just like Jake … I loved Parker. He was my focus and my favourite.

It’s not often I fall in love with a guy who blushes like a pretty Victorian virgin. But I couldn’t resist Parkers vulnerabilities, secrecies, intelligence, unbelievable talent, awkwardness, and awesome tattoo (I’m shallow okay) All that he is results in me doodling little pink hearts with our initials all over my arm, my desk, my company invoices – everything! Yes, I’ve become a teenager once more and it’s just awesome.

Just a heads up before I love and leave you. There’s a few cheesy eye roll moments, some editing hiccups, and a major squee moment involving Elton John. None of this was enough to relieve my achy grin though. Oh, and don’t worry if the story starts to feel like a YA cousin due to the off page sex. Trust me, it’s not and it’s really worth the wait, oh-me-oh-my is it ever!

Can I just whisper …shower scene – hot!

Have fun and … no, I won’t say it.

Ah hell! Yes I will.

... Rock & Roll!!