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Among the Living (PsyCop #1) - Jordan Castillo Price I absolutely love the premise of this series; psychic cops in an urban fantasy world with an m/m romance arc.

Oh yes! I’m paying attention.

Vick Bayne is the voice of this story; a PsyCop who see’s and speaks to dead people - a handy talent for the homicide division. But Vick has issues.

Of course he has issues, who wouldn't! He sees dead people for goodness sake.

Low self-esteem, a drug addiction, an inferiority complex and a haunted past are what seems to shape our MC. Oddly enough I’m not irritated by this at all. It gives him greater depth and credibility with a shadow of mystery. I also find him funny, sexy, remarkable and quite loveable; all these characteristics give him the potential to become a favourite of mine.

Detective Jacob Marks is the other half of the m in our m/m arch. He’s big, dark and extremely hunky with a craving for Vick. Why? Is not yet made clear, but the man is clearly smitten, and I like him … a lot!

There is one character that really bowled me over in this too short novella.
Lisa Gutierrez: a woman cop and Vicks new partner, and I really liked her.
Whoa! ... What? Yes I know ... a female character in m/m that I actually like!
It's an anomaly, and I can't quite believe it either! I’m amazed to find myself searching her out and wishing for more about this woman.

Overall this book is fast paced, quirky and well written with great world building, unique characters and just the right amount of angst ridden suspense. My only real issue was that it was too short.

There is so much scope for this author to build on. I'm excited at the possibilities and find myself seriously invested in this series.