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Daron's Guitar Chronicles: Volume Two (Daron's Guitar Chronicles, #2) - Cecilia Tan This is so good, but not in the conventional feel good way.

I find myself agitated by the slow pace and lack of direction and yet it fits the mood and tone of this book. Daron's mood. His psychodrama is really getting to me - the guy needs help dammit! Daron's on a the fast slide to having a mental breakdown, and he is helpless. I honestly feel that he is unable to properly interpret the motivations of the people closest to him. Instead he withdraws and allows his fear and neurosis to command his actions, or lack of.

The pressure of the bands rising success, his growing responsibilities, hiding his sexuality and non-relationship with the equally dysfunctional Ziggy is too much for him. Too fucking much for me! It's too claustrophobic being in his head, it's not angst but I'm anxious for him - does that make sense?

He's smart, and doing his best but STILL unable to deal with it all. And now Digger is back on the scene too! I don't trust him! I don't believe he is who he says he is, not at all! A shoe salesman who's now some hot-shot entertainment agent? Pah! He's a con-man.

I really don't want to get into the Ziggy situation because I'll send GR into overcapacity. But that guy? Jeez! I want to know what the hell is going on inside his head! Who IS he? What does he want? God, I hate him ... I think.

My level of frustration might be reaching an all time high but it's tampered down with great music and an informative inside look into the music industry in the 80's. Fascinating! Tan knows her stuff, she knows the music and just like the songs soothe Daron, they calm me too. I've read many Rock Star books, but never experienced the passion for the music like I have here. You can feel the notes vibrating through the pages. It's addictive and spellbinding.

I need a break from Daron for the moment. I need to breathe and not to feel so hollow. I'm just sorry I can't take Daron with me.