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Special Forces: Soldiers Part II -Director's Cut - Aleksandr Voinov,  Marquesate,  Vashtan War is filthy. An angry reaper that destroys every fiber of humanity. That is never more highlighted than in the first chapters of this novel. Genocide, senselessness, twisted pain, and survival. From the very first page my heart thumped away in terror, horror and utter disbelief, the brutality of war is profound, but yet, so simple!

After years of rendezvous, Dan and vadim have become something so much more than in the last book. Both killers, too fucked up for humanity who find a home in each other. There are no words for the thing that they share, it is immeasurable and undefinable.

"Four years of pain, hatred, lust, mercy, greed and decency" and the bond is forever, forged in the mountains of genocide.

I have never read of a love like this, it is so intense, awesome, fierce and possessive. I am desperate for them. Desperate for their happiness and their survival. I shall just die if anything should harm either of these men. I am a lioness and a tiger, fierce and snarling, guarding their hearts forever.

' "You..."just you, always you . My Russian cunt, my enemy, my comrade, my prisoner, my gaoler and my life. Words unthinking. " Love ...you."'

Oh dear lord! What can I say, but to tell you that every step of the way I was living and breathing these characters. The writing is just stunning, superb and destructive. It nearly killed me.
I experienced everything with them, everything. It took me five long nights to read this because I read passages over and over, I never wanted to forget them.

The sex, is not just sex. It is fiercely erotic and the possessive intensity is palpable. I have never wanted to be a gay man more in my life.

I just cannot recommend these books enough! I have read hundreds and hundreds of books, but these are without a hesitation the very best of the best for me.
I'm telling you all this with a lump in my throat. I am terrified to read on, but I have to. I never ever want this to end.