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Spoils of War - Aleksandr Voinov,  Raev Gray Ares God of War..."voice the clash of swords and the thunder of war drums."


...felling men seemingly in passing, roaring like a bull with rage, blood flowing from his hands and face and armour, like spilled wine. There was only one amongst the gods like that...'Ares, god of battle...' and bloodlust, and rage."

When Achilleus, son of Peleus wakes after falling at a deathly battle he finds himself with Ares god of war, and is presented with an offer of godly immortality, reverence and revenge. Not for nothing though, there's always a catch, a price with these Gods.

" 'I take men between my thighs, Ares,' Achilleus gritted his teeth. ' But you won't be satisfied with that, will you?'
'I am not a man. I am a God.'"

Spoils of War is a short story (too short) The writing is breathtaking. The sex is raw, fierce, highly erotic and heart stoppingly magnificent.

..."the god's touch aroused him - hotter than any other lover, less a thrust than a lightning strike, a gust of black wind, hitting him right in his core, making him shudder and tense."

^^^^I say no more!