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By Chance (Courtland Chronicles #1) - Cat Grant 3.5 Stars.

Easy reading, slightly angsty, passionate and yes, rather enjoyable. I was surprised how much I DID enjoy it actually.

The character Eric is a prickly sort, who comes across as real pissy and obnoxious - but I liked him, not many might but he has a strength and take no bullshit attitude that endeared me to him.

Nick's the hot jock who's not ... to be stereotyped. They make an explosive pair and I enjoyed every minute of their shenanigans, from their first meeting to their first, er ...moment. They both drove me crackers and I wanted to bash heads - but still I kind of fell for both of them.

I couldn't stand Nick's best friend who still holds a torch for him, but then I hate most women who are involved with guys in my m/m romances. So I'm not one to judge her, but she IS an annoying, stupid interloper.

Like I said: I was surprised how much I liked this story (read it in one sitting)and was really looking forward to more; this being book one and all, but then at the end there is an authors note that states that: This is the first in a series of books that span a twenty year relationship with three individuals - Eric, Nick and Nick's BFF (can't remember her name). No freaking WAY. Bugger that! I have no inclination to see this happy for now m/m relationship progress and evolve into an m/m/f menage with HER!. Nowadays the only ef I want in my m/m is the hot sexy action kind ending in I.N.G - NOT the bi-sexual/hetero kind.

Fortunately, this one can be read as a purely m/m romance with Eric and Nick ONLY (thank god).