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Keep your enemies in front of you - Kahtya Sofia (KahtyaSofia) This is why I wanted to read this!

“Come closer, Alcide.” he spoke softly so as not to spook his quarry.

Slowly, reluctance obvious in every line of his body, Alcide took three steps forward until he was in Eric’s space.

“Kiss me,” he whispered, using seduction rather than glamour.

“I don’t want … I don’t think …” Alcide folded his arms over his chest and looked anywhere but at Eric.

“Shh, shhh,” he soothed. “While I could just shove you down onto the sofa and ram my cock into your mouth, I assure you, this way will be much more pleasant for us both.”

Eric and Alcide? Together?

Did it work?

Pah! OF COURSE IT WORKED! This was so hot boys and girls (who are over the age of 18) Seriously, fire of my loins indeed!

It's a quick erotic short story that fits right in with the series. Eric is, well ... just like Eric - to. die. for! And Alcide is hot-like-fire inside and outside. The imagery of this pairing is burned into my brain forever!

Read it! It's so much fun :)