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Forgotten - Traxie 1.5 Stars

When Devin was a 14 year old orphan, he was sold to a sadistic pedophile mob boss as a sex salve. This story begins four years later and is told from Devin's point of view.

The first 25% of this book is some of the most upsetting, horrifically depraved reading I have ever endured. Endure it I did, and only because I wanted to see this boy get his happy ever after. When you read about such disturbing deeds the soul yearns for calm, compassion and healing. I needed this for this boy child. He might have been 18 but through his voice I quickly realise that he is understandably stunted in maturity by the constant trauma.

When Devin is caught up in a guns blazing rescue of another child who is being held by his Master. He is taken by the rescuers. Thank God, it's over for him! Right?
Uhm....no, wait.
It's only just beginning! Jesus! I nearly gave up, I couldn't take this when Devin is handed over to the new Masters men. The abuse of an obviously innocent child at the hands of yet another mob boss? NO WAY! It was just sickening. Multiple rapes, whipping, starvation, beatings!

And then the mob boss Keeran decides, oh wait, I actually like this kid! Lets make him mine and mine alone. Lets treat him right and he can sleep with me only. Why?

Devin's inner monologue voices his constant fear for everything! He battles anxiety attacks, sickness, self loathing and blinding constant terror of what could happen next. He crys constantly His dialogue consists of "I'm sorry Master" for the whole book! This is understandable given the circumstances, but there is no reprieve for the reader. It is slit my wrist depressing to the max!
The last 75% of the book is all about Devin being scared to death, he showers, he try's to eat without gagging, he sleeps. That's it! Lather, rinse, repeat.
It was obvious the author had no idea where to take this story and it shows. Monotonous, depressing and hopeless.