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Turkey in the Snow - Amy Lane Ohmygah, Ohmygah this was just sooo cute!
I say with just a smidgen of sarcasm

This books is a short sweet Christmas story, complete with HEA we all want for the holidays. Justin and Hank, opposites in form and character find love.

Justin is a raging "mo" complete with the flapping hands and everything


He is quite funny though and he had my inner fag hag jumping up and down and clapping hands. Justin's been crushing on the big alpha man Hank for months, but always thought him to be straight.

Justin might be the prettiest guy Hank has ever seen, but he is way too much of a drama queen for Hank. He's had enough drama and despises what Justin seems to be about...until he gets to know him a bit.
Hank has his own drama at home, looking after his young niece after her mother recently abandoned her.

2.5 Stars It's a sweet story, just enough to rid any of the post Christmas blues.