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Conduct Unbecoming - L.A. Witt Flip flopping points of view of repeat scenes in the first person, really tends to annoy me when there isn't much substance.

The first 25% of this novel had potential. The chemistry is undeniably steaming, and the sex was erotic and delicious. I enjoyed the back drop of Okinawa and what the different cultures have to offer, but I need more than that to pin me down. There is only so much of the wonders of Japan to keep me interested.
Unfortunately the following 25% of enduring the format and not foreseeing any kind of plot development other than the obvious, I gave up half way through.

There is a whole ocean full of literary wonders out there filled with angst, intrigue and fascinating characters for me to devour in the small amount of time that I have, so I choose not to continue, especially when I got tastier fish to fry.