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Quid Pro Quo - Aleksandr Voinov, L.A. Witt So why the hell would I pay the price of a novel for only 43 pages of what really has to be classed as porn...right?

and the answer is...

photo 4326_zps7e2b9ae2.gif

Now it's not really this kind of voyeuristic porn. I mean it's dirty, but not filthy.

photo orgasmic_zps8dfcef83.gif

It's more this kind, classy and stylish and just damn sexy!

photo 4311.gif

Uh huh, that's it girls and boys. A voyeuristic view of two seriously hot rent boys going at it, all for the viewing pleasure of the very rich man who pays them to lick and suck and f*ck. So hot!

This is one of the most erotically divine and delicious scenes I have read. It's the self realisation that you imagine yourself right there between them doing this

photo lick.gif

...that most certainly makes it worth the price of a novel