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Too Stupid to Live - Anne Tenino 4.5 Stars.
OMG! … This book! Why didn’t I read it ages ago?!

That cover! That’s why. Sorry book, but you look so super cheesy and clichéd and silly, I just rolled my eyes at you and moved along.
Ha! Yes book, you can raise your eyebrow at me – I’m shallow and fickle like that and I judged you. But you should have been predictable, when you were actually just what I needed. You were my breath of fresh air and a ray of sunshine on a rainy day. Don’t roll your eyes at me; I can do cheesy too, so I figure were even.

Do you want to know what I LOVE about you book? You made fun of yourself and all those tropes just like you; you never took yourself too seriously, and when you did … it was for the right reasons. Just when I thought I could catch you out at being too silly, you made me laugh and nod my head with acquiescence. You were a worthy opponent my friend.

I didn’t think I would like your Sam; he’s not really my type either. But you allowed us to bond instantly over our mutual love of romance novels and highlanders – not that I’ve ever read a highlander trope *snorts* Shh..; It’s a lie, but don’t tell book but we really became BFF’s over our mutual distaste of Fabio, aka this guy --> photo fabio_zps15ee7547.jpg

You introduced me to Ian - the typical bastard man-whore and I thought I had you; here was where you would bugger it all up, because I hate the stereotypical man-whore's. But you had to make Ian special didn’t you? You had to even the balance of power just right so there was nothing for me to bitch about; you even played dirty and made him vulnerable! How dare you book!

You gave me some serious man loving, and for that I am in awe of you. Hot damn but you are one sexy, kinky book! Don’t let it get to your head now, cos I didn’t really appreciate all those full on screaming orgasms you know – you should give a man just a little dignity for gawds sake.

You slipped up a bit at the end by being a tad predictable with your stormy clouds, grand finale and schmoozy epilogue but I’ll let it pass. You caught me on a good day and owning your flaws is what saved your arse from mediocrity, and you are just too funny for me take anything too seriously. You kind of bowled me over with how much I like you. So fair is fair, well done book, you win.

PS: And you can tell your mom I’m going to be checking out your siblings to see if they are as fun and as sexy as you are.