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Nobody's Angel (Rescue Me #2, BDSM Erotic Romance) - Kallypso Masters Hmmm...Gosh, what to say after I was looking so forward to this story. The prequel to this book was wonderful. I moved onto Marc's story straight away.

So why only 3 stars? I just dont know, I am confused,because it really has everything you need or want in an erotic romance. Marc is a Dom you want for yourself, he is kind, handsome, protective, caring, Italian...he's perfect, maybe too perfect. Although he has issues with commitment (boring)to overcome.
Angel is the perfect heroine, curvy, beautiful, Italian, and in need of rescuing.
The author seems to find the need to over examine and explain explicitly each one of the characters thoughts and *feelings* to the nth degree. Which , yes, we need that, and it is very refreshing in this type of novel. But jeez...enough already, just get on with the plot! Sometimes it just went on so long that I felt like skimming to the next bit of dialog.

Their was a lot of sex without the "sex"...yeah I know, but it's true.

A love triangle/menage that I felt the heroine for all her inexperience fell into a little too easily.
The author writes really well and she has a very healthy respect for the proper and safe use of BDSM. So much so that I felt some of the scenes written as a guide to safe BDSM.

Still I love Adam and will be reading the next one too!