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Avoiding Commitment - K.A. Linde Drama Drama Drama. F#@king hair pulling DRAMA!
This was like being unable to stop yourself from eating a whole pot of Nutella, when you're allergic to nuts! So freaking good but just so bad for you it just might kill you, or even worse, make you fat. But you don't care, you just keep devouring it. It's compelling, addictive reading that will push every single one of your buttons.
Ms Linde really knows how to weave a tale. Oh God, does she ever! Telling the story between the past and present was brilliant. The emotional angst hits so hard it makes your stomach drop, pitch and roll.
I can't help but think of this book as nothing less than fabulous! Even though I had to get over all the grammatical errors, a major inconsistency, and poor editing (if any) I didn't care!
Well Done Ms Linde! I think your book is awesome!

BTW...it is now being edited before being made available to Amazon. So I will grab a polished copy when it gets published;)