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The Forbidden Room - J.P. Barnaby Firstly ignore that shitty cover. What you are about to read is H.O.T seriously freaking off the charts VOLCANIC!
This book was so erotically attractive to me. Arousing, provocative, sensual and down right carnal. At times it was even wickedly depraved and salacious.
Yes it's BDSM erotica with but for me the edge play was more focused on the B&D rather than the S&M (thank god)There is a lot of sex in this novel and I mean A LOT, but whereas usually with this amount of sex I become bored and disinterested with the continual scening. Not in the Forbidden room, NO WAY!
The story is told very well from Jayden's point of view which makes it all the more real for me to be in his position. Feel what he's feeling, his desires became mine, his fantasies mine, I wanted what he wanted, I saw what he was seeing all through him.
So real in fact, that at times I felt my own cock and balls swell and pulse...Oh wait I don't have a cock or bollox!! See it was that real! The scenes are intense, original, emotional and addictive...yes addictive I tell you.
What makes it so good is the dynamic of the characters.

Jayden is a straight guy, a normal guy and a student, who rents a room from Ethan. The only rule in his new home is stay out of the forbidden room Jayden, Jayden...why couldn't you stay away? but little does he know that opening that door will change him irrevocably. What?... you know he opens it, otherwise it's going to be a seriously boring and short book if he didn't. I thank god that he did, otherwise I would never have been thrust into this new lifestyle with Jayden. And thrust he is. Don't expect a slow easing introduction for Jayden uh uh!
Ethan instinctively knows what's needed to introduce Jayden into his world.

Ethan is a doctor and a man who is always striving for control. He is a Dominant for harrowing reasons that are later revealed, and has very real issues that I wont go into because it will involve spoilers. Needless to say, I adored Ethan. He was overall a good Dom to his subs, an amazing Dom! Kind and affectionate but with a tendency to be ruthless too.
I wish I could indulge in more of Ethan's personality with you but it will give away too much. He had me on my subconscious knees many a time- delicious man!

Lexi is Ethan's beautiful sub. She is beautiful in every way. She is kind, strong and gentle. I truly liked her a lot. My heart broke for Lexi, lovely lonely Lexi. Her personal circumstances and her past make Lexi who she is. Again..not going into it.

The three of them form a bond that forms the basis of this series. It also deals with the natural progression for Jayden in the BDSM world. It was extremely interesting for me to see this evolve.

The Author says Erotic Fiction is more than moans, grunts and physical pleasure. Erotic fiction consists not only of the mechanics of physical love, but the complex characters and relationships that lead to those all encompassing feelings of need and longing.
Well the authors has that all covered with this highly erotic and emotionally charged novel.
Loved it!
4.5 Stars and I am rounding up!