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A House of Cards: Deconstructing Ethan - J.P. Barnaby House of Cards is the second novel in a series. Please read the Forbidden Room before before reading this. I will try hard not to give it all away.

In The Forbidden Room, we are told the story from Jayden's point of view. Jayden who is confused about feelings he has for Ethan and most importantly questions over his own sexuality. He doesn't know if Ethan has the ability to love or feel the same. It's all about being about a Dom for Ethan isn't it?
So Jayden makes the only decision he feels that he can. And that made me so very angry with him.

House of cards is written from Ethan's point of view. And who better to deconstruct Ethan, than Ethan. This in itself is incredible! He is so lost and broken. Devastated by the loss of his subs and on a harrowing path of self destruction, when Lexi and Jayden come to rescue him.

Ethan returns with Lexi and Jayden to the place where it all began to find himself again. In order to do this he decides to purge his feelings and write. He writes about the trauma of his early years. His relationship with Jayden and Lexi and discovers the real truth about himself.
It is a heart breaking discovery full of drama and shocking revelations. Love, life and jealousy. To know Ethan that way is to love him completely. You can't help it.

This is not as erotically charged as the forbidden room. But it didn't need to be. The roles have been reversed here and even though that did not sit well with me. I understood the need for it. I understood Ethan's needs.

This is a must read after reading The Forbidden Room. These characters have consumed me totally. I have loved every minute of these books. I cannot recommend this series enough.