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No Turning Back - Tiffany A. Snow Ahh, the magical moment when the hero meets heroine is always one of the most exciting for me. So when Kathleen Turner trips and face plants into the lap of her gorgeous, perve from a distance only boss. I was hooked and giggling like crazy.
It doesn't take much for Kathleen to get noticed and stand out among Blane's many other woman. Ermm apart from the face plant. For one there is a the fact that she calls em as she seems them, she is not a fake barbie doll but genuine and very lovable.
The plot is fast moving and addictive, full of secrets and twists. Plenty of angsty sexual moments to induce the body tingles and feed my lust for Blane and one other...whom I wont mention. But he is just drool worthy, but then so is Blane.
Right then...I'm onto the next in this series Woot Wooo!!!