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The Angel (The Original Sinners) - Tiffany Reisz Huge thank you to Harlequin who sent me this via netgally. These guys made me so happy I could have peed a rainbow!

The very much awaited sequel to The Siren!
Wish I could give you more stars!!
I was just so ecstatic to get my hands on this novel, I just knew it was going to be incredible. But it wasn't, it was more! So much more than incredible, I am in seventh heaven right now!
I thought I loved the Siren, and I really did! But this has surpassed my every expectation. Tiffany Reisz is a dynamo with a talent that is immeasurable.

It has been an awesome exploration of love, passion, acceptance and some contrition too.

It's a year after The Siren and Nora and Soren are blissfully and passionately happy in love. All is good in the kinky world, until Soren is up for a big promotion and a reporter is hell bent on digging up the dirt to expose Soren for what she believes him to be.
Soren decides to send Nora and her young apprentice Michael out of town and out the way of any scandal that might be brewing.
Griffen (remember him?) the rich,lovable handsome hooligan with yummy muscles? Yep that's the one. Well he gets totally side swiped when Michael and Nora come to stay for the summer. As soon as he lays eyes on the angelically beautiful young Michael he is totally floored, *giggling* I love it when that happens to a playboy!

Michael is only 17 and is learning that it's okay to be kinky. He's discovering himself, coming of age if you will. He has suffered the torment of his father for who he is, the guilt of a suicide attempt that has destroyed his family. It has left him scarred,physically and emotionally.He is without affection, deeply insecure and ashamed of himself. Michael is so easy to love,I adored him, the beautiful angel *sigh* You'll want to climb inside the pages and squeeze him to death (not really to death, but you know what I mean)

Nora is spending the summer having a blast with Griffin and Michael but she is missing Soren and thinking of another, the only other man to capture her heart. Mmm, you know who I'm on about.
I adore Nora, I am in awe of her character. She is everything I would want to be. The sexiest, kinkiest most erotically beautiful woman in the world. Hell who wouldn't want to be that! But it's more! Nora is a fire cracker, hilariously unashamed and unapologetic for any of her actions. She is a seducer and dominatrix and she is the scariest and most lovable woman I have ever read. Anais Nin would have loved her too.

Soren. Oh Boy, Oh Boy! I was secretly rooting for him in The Siren. The man is just so damn fine and dominant! A sadist and a pacifist,yes a bit of a contradiction I thought. But it's true...he is a pacifist, no really he is. In this novel we learn ALL about Soren, and oh my god, this man is just so captivating, intelligent and he leaves me breathless and in awe with the things he says and does. I defy any woman who wont want to kneel and play with him, no I mean pray, pray with him! Jeez, he's a priest for goodness sake ;)

Overall The Angel had a much lighter feel to it than the Siren. It was a fun, funny, sexy, kinky (of course) and a passionately heart warming read. The plot leads to so many startling revelations into the characters and they just keep on coming. Totally unexpected twists and turns that will leave you in awe of ms Reisz literary genius. The Angel evokes every possible emotion a reader has. This is without a hesitation going in my very short pile of Best Books Ever Read!
Thank you Tiffany Reisz