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Risking It All - Jennifer  Schmidt I think I have grown up. Perhaps this type of book would have appealed to me more at a different stage of my life. Or then perhaps not.

Kennedy and Memphis. So who's the Hero, who's the Heroine? I had a problem with these androgynous character names. I am not familiar with American names and I got lost in who was was who, constantly having to remind myself that Kennedy's the girl, Memphis...oh right the guy. Painful!

Memphis (the guy) is a sexy Casanova who decided to be just friends with Kennedy (she's the girl). Seeing something in her that was worth more than a one night stand. I liked Memphis, he was a good guy, a great friend.

Kennedy was just one on those heroines that you would like to punch in the head. Honestly, she needed to grow a set. There was absolutely nothing that endeared me to her. She was immature, manipulative and selfish. I skimmed so many of her ramblings, because really Kennedy? I just didn't care!

At about 22% in I started thinking about taking a long walk off a short pier to wake up! I was a wandering in my head again. The only emotion I felt was ennui.

I've read this all before. It's nothing new, nothing to get me all fired up. That was until I dragged my mind back from the fog at about 80% when the Memphis (the guy) decided to see the light and Kennedy managed to annoy me even more with her indecisive selfishness. I'm not a fan of the love triangle, but I get it when it's worthy of a fight or when the indecision is warranted. Kennedy confessed to what and who she wanted halfway through, so why then for the next half of the book do we have to be regaled with her BS?

There was far too many negative emotions in this novel that only fed my annoyance and frustration. I've never felt so relieved to finish a book.
I really do not like rating a book so low. I understand how much work goes into a novel. So when I do rate a book negatively, it is because it left me feeling unhappy, annoyed and angry that I wasted my time. In this case it has no reflection on the Author's writing ability. It has everything to do with the plot and characters. It just was not for me. Not at all.

Sent to me for an honest unbiased review from the publisher via netgally.