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Double Shot - Christine d'Abo 3.5 Stars!
This is the first of the Long Shot novellas. The Long siblings Sadie, Paige and Ian run and own Pulled Long coffee shop and Bakery.

Double Shot is Sadie Longs tale of finally getting together with her long time lusting crush on her friend Paul.
Sadie is the quieter middle sister, with a tendency to be a bit nonexistent. I didn't feel much for Sadie. She was a bit bland in character until she surprised me by not only voicing her fantasy to Paul but following through.
This is a very sexy menage novel. Not a bit of BDSM in this one, even though Paul works at Mavericks sex club. I thought some his preferences might have been a little more revealing than a threesome. A very hot threesome, but still;)

An all round enjoyable read that introduces some likable characters and sets the scene for the books to follow.

Thank you to the publisher who sent this to me via NetGalley.